Amd GPU support, the message said Samsung exynos 2200 graphics performance is exynos 2100 2.5 times

Samsung exynos2200 is expected to achieve 125% CPU performance and 250% GPU performance compared with exynos2100. According to the test results of current engineering samples, the graphics performance is twice as strong as apple A14.
Amdgpu blessing, news that Samsung exynos 2200 graphics performance is 2.5 times 2100
According to the previous news, Samsung is developing two versions of exynos2200 chips: one for Android phones and the other for laptops. It is speculated that these chips will adopt a similar architecture, but each chip will adjust its shape and size according to its respective market segments.

At the Samsung exynos 2100 launch, Samsung announced a big news: it is cooperating with AMD, and the next flagship processor will be equipped with "next generation mobile GPU".
You may not be very clear about AMD's mobile GPU performance, but you may be familiar with Qualcomm's Adreno. Adreno is a sip core GPU developed by Qualcomm and used in its own SOC. As a GPU project of bitboys, the core was acquired by AIT in 2006 and sold to Qualcomm (imageon renamed Adreno) by AMD in 2009.
At the end of February, it was reported that Samsung would launch win10 notebook computer equipped with exynos processor, which is now called exynos 2200 and will integrate AMD's GPU.