The Windows 10 KB5003637 update may cause the taskbar and printer to stop working properly

A new bug has appeared in Windows 10, where this month's regular security patch "KB5003637" is messing up ICONS on the taskbar and desktop. The issue was first reported last month when users installed Optional, but it appears to have slipped into a mandatory security update this month. Windows 10 KB5003637 is now a mandatory security patch that is part of the June 2021 Patch Tuesday update.

A security patch is usually downloaded/installed automatically based on Windows Update Settings. Based on reports in our comment section, feedback center, and on Reddit, it appears that some users are facing critical issues after applying the mandatory patch.

"On my taskbar system tray, the date, time and system ICONS keep disappearing. This just started after today's 6/10/2021 Windows update, one user wrote.

"KB5003214 is optional, but KB5003637 is automatically installed and causes the same problem (wrong taskbar icon). "These updates are literally ruining the usability of my computer," another frustrated user explained.

According to the latest knowledge, this problem can occur when your device uses the Input Method Editor (IME) and/or multiple language packs. In some cases, the taskbar system tray icon will also disappear or overlap when the "News and Interests" function is enabled. Similarly, another related bug could break the ICONS in the search box and notification center.

Fortunately, those who reported problems with KB5003637 confirmed that uninstalling the cumulative updates could get rid of the problem. If you want to keep the update for security reasons, there is a workaround.

The simple solution is to disable news and interest feedback in Windows 10. To do this, right-click anywhere on the taskbar, select "News and Interests", and click "Close".

If you still have problems, do the following.

Open setting > system, click display column.

Select down to "Proportion and Layout."

Find a drop-down menu that is used to resize text, applications, and so on.

Make sure the zoom is set to "recommended", because you will get this error when you don't use the recommended values, which are based on what the operating system knows about your display.

However, as we mentioned at the beginning, you can still run into this problem when using multiple language packs or IME editors. In this case, it is best to skip or uninstall the problematic update for the time being.

Printing problems

In addition to the taskbar issue, Windows 10's June 2021 update has also caused printer issues for some users.

According to the official update log, the KB5003637 update addresses the print spool (CVE-2021-1675 Windows print spool privilege upgrade) vulnerability. As a result, Microsoft's security fix could cause some users to have problems with their print spool service.

The service can be restored by uninstalling the update. Microsoft is now making it easy to uninstall problematic Windows updates. To remove the patch, open the Settings application and click Update and Security. On the next screen, click "view update history" and select "uninstall updates" to the control panel window.

Find the update by typing KB (Knowledge Base Number) into the search box. Or you can filter the list of installed updates by date. Click Update and select Uninstall to remove the patch that caused the damage.