YouTuber's $1,300 DJI FPV got too close to a volcano erupting and was engulfed by lava

In the past decade, drone technology has evolved by leaps and bounds. As the price of high-tech drones continues to drop, more and more people are using them to capture some unconventional footage. YouTuber Joey Helms recently visited Iceland's Fagradalsfjall volcano and used a drone to record some of the most stunning erupting scenes.

Helms used his newly purchased DJI FPV drone to get up close and personal with the erupting volcano. He flew the $1,300 craft perilously close to the erupting lava. And getting too close, the drone lost contact and crashed into a crater as a cloud of red-hot lava flew toward it. It was the drone's last flight, but the footage that Holmes was able to save from the trip may have been worth it.

The video is about two minutes long and shows the long approach to the volcano, which ends with the death of the drone. You can't deny that it's one of nature's most intense sights. It's incredible. Flying directly over a fast-moving lava flow and into a pit where lava has been pushed up from deep within the Earth's surface would have been impossible before the rapid development of drone technology.