Steam's May Hardware Survey: AMD CPUs surpassed 30% for the first time

Steam has released its hardware and software survey for May 2021. Last month, AMD's processor usage exceeded 30 percent for the first time, reaching 30.13 percent, up 0.65 percent from the previous month. To be specific, computers with 4-core CPUs have the largest number of Steam users, accounting for 40.62%, while 6-core CPUs rank second, accounting for 30.39%. It is worth noting that 8-core CPU usage increased by 0.33% in May of this year and now accounts for 13.1%, which is expected to increase further in the future.

In terms of graphics cards, N cards still dominate, with Nvidia branded graphics cards taking the top nine spots. The classic GTX1060 graphics card continued to dominate this month, but fell below 9 percent for the first time and now accounts for 8.95 percent. GTX1050TI ranked second, accounting for 6.71% last month. Nvidia's latest RTX30 series graphics cards, however, remain rare, with the most used model, the RTX3070, accounting for just 1.48% of gamers.

In May of this year, 92.87% of Steam users were using Win10, while those with 16GB of RAM accounted for 45.11% and those with 8GB of RAM 26.26%. In addition, the number of users with more than 16GB of memory is increasing rapidly, reaching 12.52% today.