LG is finishing work on a button-down lithium-ion battery that could be used in Apple's AirPods Pro 2

LGenerGySolution, a battery company owned by LG, has announced that it is about to complete the development of button-type lithium-ion batteries that can be used in real wireless Bluetooth headsets such as Apple's AirPodS3 and AirPodSpro2. LG is currently building a pilot production line for the battery, with trial production completed this year and mass production starting in 2022.

LG previously supplied Apple's AirPods1 and AirPods2 with cylindrical lithium ion batteries that were placed in the ear handles. LG supplies 48% of the batteries in true wireless headphones, according to Counterpoint, a market research firm.

According to foreign media, Samsung SDI took the lead in developing 85mAh and 60mAh button-type lithium batteries in 2020 for Samsung Galaxy ybuds Bluetooth headset. Apple's AirPodsPro, on the other hand, uses a special-shaped lithium-ion battery from German manufacturer Varta.

Apple's AirPods3, which is expected to be released later this year, will have a short-handled design similar to the AirPodsPro, and will also have a button-down lithium-ion battery. But it won't be ready for LG's new battery, which is expected to use LG's button-down lithium-ion battery in the AirPodsPro2, due out in 2022.

Apple's AirPods3 won't support active noise cancellation, but is expected to support transparent mode. The headphones are expected to cost $159, but are likely to be priced at $199