Self-developed database Oceanbase officially open source: 3 million lines of core code open

OceanBase, the self-research database of Ant Group, announced the official open source, and established OceanBase open source community, and the official website of the community was launched simultaneously.

Databases are the jewel in the crown of basic software and the core of every company's business system. There is a big gap between the traditional open source database in terms of performance, availability and security and the actual enterprise-level business application.

Yang Zhenkun, the founder of Oceanbase database, said that the Ant self-research data database Oceanbase is committed to building an enterprise-level open source database. At the same time, it works closely with its partners to quickly release commercial versions, so as to meet the business demands of industry customers for database performance, high reliability and integration processing.

The distributed relational database OceanBase, independently developed by Ant Group, has been tested for a long time by Alibaba and Ant's large-scale business scenarios. Since 2017, Oceanbase's technical services have been exported to foreign countries, covering finance, transportation, communications, energy, public affairs and other fields.

Ant Group self-research database Oceanbase officially open source: 3 million lines of core code open

It is understood that developers in the open source community can fully use the OceanBase database kernel. This Open source adopts the common Open Core model in the industry. The open source scope includes the database kernel, distributed components and interface drivers, and provides a complete SQL engine, transaction engine and storage engine, supporting multiple copies, distributed transactions, high performance, expansion ability, fault recovery, optimizer, multi-live disaster recovery, syntax compatibility and other core technologies, open source 3 million lines of code.

OceanBase uses Mulan Publ-2.0 version of the Mulan public protocol, which allows all community participants to freely modify, use, and reference the code. The OceanBase community has also formed a technical committee, and all developers are welcome to contribute code and documentation.

"More and more excellent products join the open source community, which is conducive to the construction of the open source ecology and the training of open source talents in China." Zhou Minghui, a computer science professor at Peking University and the main initiator of Mulan's open source license, said China has benefited a lot from the open source community. Now that we have more power, we can take a little more responsibility to make the open source community and the world a better place.