The most expensive new energy! Rolls-Royce has confirmed that the first electric car is under development

Rolls-Royce has confirmed that it is producing the Silent Shadow, which will have a pure electric drive design, in what officials say will be a "new Rolls-Royce".

It is reported that the new car will use the design language of the 103EX concept car, which is expected to be a four-door ultra-luxury sedan. (Picture shows the Rolls-Royce Vision Next100 concept car)

The news is a Rolls-Royce executive in an interview with the media revealed. As the Rolls-Royce brand's first pure electric model, the new car's appearance and interior will have a subversive design, while in the vehicle's technology and drive mode direction, is expected to use a new pure electric.

As far back as 2020, Rolls-Royce registered its Silent Shadow trademark, so it makes sense that the new car would be developed in mass production.

The new car, which is being developed at BMW's research and development center in Munich, Germany, is co-developed with the i7, and is based on the same CLAR platform as the i7. It uses an aluminum frame, shares most of the chassis and components, and its electric motors and axles are directly manufactured by BMW.

In addition, the new car will be equipped with Ningde Times and Samsung SDI battery packs, with a battery capacity of more than 100kWh and a range of about 500 kilometers.