Aida64 is developing HarmonyOS version of the App

Aida64, a well-known software and hardware monitor, recently responded to questions on Twitter. Says it is working on a Huawei Harmonyos version of the App. The software is available for computers, as well as iOS, Android, Linux and other platforms to display detailed hardware information.

Huawei Harmonyos has released a 2.0 development version of the system with the suffix *.hap, and the supporting development tools and Ark compiler are now in place.

The AIDA 64 Extreme Desktop Edition was updated with the latest beta on May 21, adding support for Nvidia CMP50HX (TU102-100), RTX3060TILHR and other graphics cards, as well as Intel's 11 generation mobile processors. This release fixes the detection of AMDNAVI22 and NNAVI23 core graphics cards.

Huawei will officially launch Harmonyos on June 2, with the first batch of Mate40 series, Mate30 series, P40 series and Mate 2 series.