Huawei registered the trademark "Luban" and once named the phone "Luban No. 8.

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. applied to register the trademark "Luban" on May 21, which is classified into nine categories of scientific instruments internationally.
The company has successfully registered the "Huawei Luban" trademark in December 19.

It is reported that Lu Ban is the originator of Chinese construction carpenters, and the name of Lu Ban has actually become a symbol of the wisdom of the ancient working people. And Huawei always likes to use Canon in naming, such as "Hongmeng", "Kunpeng", "Kylin" and so on. I do not know which aspect "Lu Ban" will be used in.
Huawei did use the name "Luban" before, but it was "Luban" for the game "King of Glory."

In January, Huawei released a customised version of the Nova8 Pro, King of Glory, with the official tagline 'Luban 8'. The back cover is printed with a custom-made radium carving of Luban No. 7, along with Huawei and the words "King of Glory."