China Huadian put into operation the first autonomous and controllable heavy-duty gas turbine control system in China

China's first set of autonomous control heavy-duty gas turbine control system (TCS) in longyou huadian power grid operation of success, marking China huadian power in the domestic first complete mastery of the heavy duty gas turbine control system of the independent design, production, debugging, renovation, the whole process of the key technologies such as promoted the development of China's gas turbine localization.

Heavy-duty gas turbine is known as the "crown jewel" of equipment manufacturing industry, reflecting the industrial level of a country, and TCS system, as the core control system, determines the performance and safety of gas turbine. For a long time, TCS system design, configuration, commissioning and other related core work has been provided by the original gas turbine manufacturers abroad, and the limited phenomenon in gas power generation field is prominent. China Huadian, with the efforts of the whole company, organized Guodian Nanzhi and Huadian Electric Research Institute to carry out independent controllable TCS research, and conducted in-depth research on the protection principle, control strategy, functional algorithm, control system hardware and software design and network-related safe operation of heavy-duty gas unit. Successfully broke through the E heavy-duty gas turbine control principle of ontology research and logical design, the combustion pressure fluctuation monitoring and combustion adjustment, the key technologies such as precision control, the simulation modeling of network, developed independently controllable TCS system, and independently conduct the combustion debugging and operation adjustment of ontology, a number of technology to fill the domestic blank.
This TCS system inherits the characteristics of "Huadian Ruilan" DCS autonomous control and intrinsic safety in terms of hardware and software platform. The controller performance, valve-controlled card operation speed, SOE accuracy, speed control deviation and other important indexes are better than those of similar foreign products. Design adapted to the gas turbine fuel valve, speed ratio valve, servo control IGV and other key equipment, and wet contact input SOE, such as card, formed a complete set of gas turbine control and protection technology, whole and part of more than similar foreign product technology level, have to heavy duty gas turbine control systems implement a fully functional and comprehensive localization of replacement ability.