Qualcomm has launched a new Snapdragon development suite for ARM-based Windows 10 PCs

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., today announced the launch of the Qualcomm Snapdragon ™ Development Kit, which aims to increase support for independent software developers and app developers in application testing and optimization for the growing device ecosystem of the Snapdragon computing platform. Qualcomm Technologies has teamed up with Microsoft to build a suite of resources using the ARM-based Windows 10 system. It allows developers to cheaply certify and validate their solutions to ensure they deliver a great user experience on Windows 10 PCs powered by the Snapdragon platform. Meet people's need to work, learn, and collaborate.

Miguel Nunes, senior director of product management at Qualcomm Technologies, said: "The Snapdragon Development Kit is the latest in a long and proud partnership with Microsoft to build useful development tools. This development kit is more economical than other consumer and enterprise devices. With a smaller desktop configuration, the development kit gives developers more flexibility than other laptops at a lower price point. We are committed to helping developers meet their customers' needs at lower deployment costs."

This latest collaboration between Qualcomm Technologies and Microsoft further expands the resources available to developers to recompile, optimize, and test applications for ARM-based Windows 10 devices running on the Snapdragon computing platform. In September 2020, Microsoft announced that it was extending its App Assure program to Windows 10 PCs with the Snapdragon Computing platform and optimizing Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Teams and Visual Studio Code. In December 2020, the two parties will jointly offer independent software developers and application developers a preview of the x64 emulator for Windows 10 PC and will introduce it into the Windows Preview Experience Program.

"We know the importance of reliable development tools for app testing, which is why we are partnering with Qualcomm Technologies to build the Snapdragon Development Kit," said Hari Pulapaka, program manager for Microsoft's Windows Partnerships Group. "We look forward to developers taking full advantage of the Snapdragon development suite to meet their development needs for ARM-based Windows 10 applications."

At an online event titled "Qualcomm Snapdragon Computing Platform: Scaling the Mobile Computing Ecology," Oded Gal, Zoom Video Communications Inc. 's chief product officer, said Zoom will release a new version of its video conferencing app optimized for devices powered by the Snapdragon Computing platform. Gal also emphasized that both Zoom and Qualcomm Technologies believe that wireless technology and connectivity are critical for communication and collaboration.

"This summer, we will introduce a new version of Zoom optimized for the Snapdragon computing platform," Oded Gal said. "This will bring significant improvements in battery life, allowing Zoom to run for longer than ever before, allowing users to stay connected almost anywhere. "ZOOM is excited to work with Qualcomm Technologies to help enterprise users and the student community connect, communicate, and share to inspire more."

Optimized solutions such as Zoom can leverage the leading energy efficiency of the Snapdragon Computing platform to deliver unprecedented productivity and a richer learning, working, and playing experience for more Snapdragon users and Chromebook users.

The Snapdragon Developer Kit is expected to be available on the Microsoft Store this summer.