Intel push ATX12VO power standard: motherboard, power manufacturers are not happy

Historically, Intel has led the development and promotion of PC power standards, including the ATX12V, which has been in use for many years. But it is not easy for Intel itself to shake its foundation.

In view of today's PC equipment power supply changes, energy conservation and environmental protection needs, Intel proposed a new ATX12VO power supply standard, except for the removal of all voltage range in 12V, +3.3V, +5V, +5VSB, -12V all transferred to the motherboard, the motherboard 24 pin power interface has become 10 pins.

This can greatly improve the power conversion efficiency, better meet the graphics card, hard disk and other components of the increasing power consumption demand, simplify the power design, reduce the idle power consumption of the whole machine, but will also greatly increase the motherboard design difficulty and cost.

So far, the ATX12VO standard has been mainly for OEM and complete machines, with only one supported on the consumer motherboard, the Sinoengine Z490 Phantom Gaming 4SR.

According to the news, Intel plans to launch the Alder Lake 12 generation Core, 600 series motherboard at the end of the year to vigorously promote the ATX12VO power supply standard, and in order to meet the new specification, power manufacturers need about 4 months to complete the design, mass production, motherboard manufacturers need 4-5 months to complete the design, verification, OEM and ODM manufacturers must also cooperate with power supply and motherboard manufacturers.

In order to catch up with the release and launch of the new platform, OEM, ODM, power supply, motherboard manufacturers must start relevant work by the end of May at the latest, which is still very tight.

Intel push ATX12VO power standard: motherboard, power manufacturers are not happy

Power supply and motherboard manufacturers have confirmed Intel's promotion plan, but both power supply and motherboard manufacturers have strong opinions on this and do not like to do so. Therefore, on the 12 generation Core platform, most of the Z690 motherboard will not meet the ATX12VO standard, and more may be used in some complete machine systems. The aim is to give priority to meeting the government's energy conservation requirements.