Autonomous driving! Huawei discloses the patent of "trajectory prediction method and related equipment"

Huawei recently added a number of patent information, one of which is called "a trajectory prediction method and related equipment", and the publication number is cn112805730a.

The patent abstract shows that the trajectory prediction method is applied to automatic driving in the field of artificial intelligence, and the predicted trajectory of the target object is obtained through the trajectory prediction model. This method takes the pedestrian's behavior intention as the input feature of pedestrian trajectory prediction, which can reduce the prediction error of pedestrian trajectory and improve the prediction performance of pedestrian trajectory.
Huawei has made frequent moves in the field of automatic driving in recent years. At the 19th Shanghai International Automobile Exhibition, the company officially announced that "Huawei is going to sell cars", and the first cooperative model is Cyrus Huawei smart sF5.
It is reported that Cyrus Huawei smart select sF5 is the first new ecological product of Huawei smart select and the first mass production vehicle brand sold in Huawei terminal channel. The product is equipped with Huawei's advanced intelligent interconnection system Huawei hicar, which makes the intelligent interconnection among people, cars and homes possible.