Ryzen 7 4700G HUAWEI MATESTATION B515 commercial host: Mini size, top performance

Huawei's first products to enter the business computer all use Ryzen 4000G processor

In the notebook space, AMD's Ryzen 4000 series APU processors have achieved unprecedented success, with 7nm process technology and Zen2 architecture enabling twice the number of cores, more than twice the multithreading performance, lower power consumption, and stronger core display. Laptops with Ryzen 4000 mobile APU are basically in short supply!

On July 21 of last year, AMD brought the Ryzen 4000 mobile APU to the desktop, also known as the Ryzen 4000G series, and it sounded the call for AMD to enter the business PC market.

In December 2020, Huawei released its first commercial desktop product, HUAWEI MATESTation B515, aimed at government and enterprise users. This mainframe with a volume of only 8.6L adopts AMD Ryelong 4000G series processor in its whole line.
All HUAWEI MATestation B515 business desktops are equipped with AMD Ryelong 4000G series processors. The one we got is equipped with AMD Ryelong 7 4700G, which belongs to the top configuration in this series.

The AMD Ryzen 7 4700G uses a 7nm Zen2 architecture with 8 cores and 16 threads, a TDP of 65W, a maximum acceleration rate of 4.4GHz+, and a full core acceleration rate of 4.2GHz.

The Ryzen 7 4700G integrates the VEGA 8 GPU with 512 stream processors and accelerates at up to 2100MHz, up to 350MHz more than the mobile platform. Its performance is no less than the full-length version of the MX 250 standalone graphics card.

Huawei MATestation B515 also supports Huawei's exclusive HUAWEI SHARE intelligence function, which subverts the traditional transmission mode of document, picture and video sharing. It can easily complete the interaction between mobile phone and PC and realize the interconnection between multiple terminals. Users can operate PC and phone at the same time from the same screen.

Detailed parameters of HUAWEI MATESTATION B515 are as follows: