International Space Station Wine Auction Estimated at $1 Million

Bertus 2000, a French red Bordeaux wine aged for 14 months on the International Space Station (ISS), has been sold in a "private sale" of direct negotiations, Christie's said.

A bottle of vintage wine is estimated to sell for $1 million, according to US media.

The Batus 2000 regularly sells for about $6,000, the BBC said.

The sale was one of 12 bottles of Bordeaux that arrived on the space station's unmanned cargo ship Cygnus in November 2019 and returned to Earth on January 14. An analysis carried out in Bordeaux in March reportedly revealed "significant differences in colour, aroma, taste and other components".

Transporting the wine to the station is part of a study to investigate how plants adapt to the space environment. Changes in the yeast, bacteria and polyphenols contained in the wine will be analyzed. Proceeds from the sale will be used for similar research projects in the future.