BYD: refresh the global new energy bus north extension map, only more than 100 kilometers from the Arctic Circle

BYD delivered the city's first all-electric bus to Pitao, a famous port city in northeastern Sweden. It is the first of 13 buses purchased from BYD by Nordic public transport operator Nobina Group in May last year. All of the buses will run on Pitao bus lines this summer.

BYD said the city is located at 65 degrees 31 'north latitude, just over 100 kilometers from the Arctic Circle (66 degrees 34' north latitude). This delivery marks the new record of the northernmost operating line of BYD electric bus, and at the same time, it has refreshed the northern extension of the global footprint of new energy vehicles.
The vehicles are made at BYD's Hungarian plant in Europe. So far, Nobina has ordered more than 300 electric buses from BYD, of which 160 have been put into operation.

In Europe, BYD has won more than 1,800 orders for pure electric buses, according to the company. Globally, BYD has delivered more than 65,000 pure electric buses to its partners.