Samsung may launch 5nm Exynos chipsets integrated with AMD GPUs in the second half of 2021

To compete with Apple's M1, Samsung will launch a new 5N Mexynos chipset with AMD GPUs in the second half of 2021. Even with reports that Qualcomm is working on the SC8280, Samsung clearly doesn't want to be left behind. "If all goes well, we may see new Exynos chipsets in our laptop or smartphone product lines," the source said

The new Exynos chipsets are powered by a 5nm advanced manufacturing process that offers exceptional computing power, energy efficiency and battery life, making them useful for both laptops and smartphones.

Although the source could not disclose further details about the new Exynos chipset, Samsung is likely to release a derivative version for the smartphone platform in June.

Apple already has the M1 chip in its MacBook, MacMini, iPadPro and iMac all-in-one.

Samsung is rumored to be working on a rival to Apple's A14Bionic chipset, but is currently hampered by poor cooling and power performance at the target performance level.

However, given that there is more room for cooling components inside the laptop, we are still looking forward to the actual performance of Samsung's new 5N Mexynos chipset.

At the same time, Apple is said to be working on a more powerful M1X (or M2) chip, so expect the market to get more interesting in the future.