The world's first Rhineland high performance TWS certification! Oppo Enco Air released

OPPO held OPPO K9 series super dimensional press conference, a breath launched seven products and two suits, respectively, is OPPO K9 mobile phone, K9 TV, OPPO bracelet and other new products.

The Oppo Enco Air comes in four different colors: white, black, cyan and blue. The original price is 299 yuan, but the first price is 249 yuan. It will go on sale on May 11.

In terms of appearance, Oppo Enco Air uses a frosted charging bin, and for the first time uses a translucent jelly bin design on the top of the charging bin, which is light and transparent and highly recognizable.

The Oppo Enco Air real wireless headphones are designed with a half-ear design and weigh 3.75g each ear, claiming to have an "Air feel" to wear.

It is worth mentioning that Oppo ENCO AIR is the world's first true wireless headset product to obtain TUV Rheinland TWS headset performance certification, which is the first time that TUV Rheinland (referred to as "TUV Rheinland") has been certified in the headset field.

The world's first Rhineland high performance TWS certification! Oppo Enco Air is 299 yuan

This time, Oppo Enco Air was the first to win this certification, which is highly recognized by the authority, which is enough to prove the headset itself.

In addition, Oppo Enco Air true wireless headset built-in 12mm composite titanium diaphragm, high frequency clear and bright, combined with the acoustic structure of the bass catheter, can effectively improve the sense of low frequency.

It is worth noting that Oppo Enco Air is also equipped with the industry-leading Bluetooth 5.2 chip, which adopts the dual-ear simultaneous transmission mode, which can reduce the number of Bluetooth retransmission times, further reduce the sound transmission delay, and improve the game audio and picture synchronization, game lag and other problems.

On the battery life, the headset supports fast charging, charging for 10 minutes, the battery life of the headset + charging bin can reach 8 hours, and the maximum 24 hours of music battery life can be provided after fully charged.

In other news, Oppo Enco Air supports IPX 4 waterproofing, ACC HD audio encoding and SBC audio formats, and built-in AI deep call noise reduction.