BYD e6 is Singapore's longest electric car

The shadow of BYD e6 was found in Singapore, which means the new car will be exported to Singapore for sale, or it will become the choice of the local travel market.

Before the new BYD E6 road test has been exposed, the new car can be seen as the current BYD Song Max "brother model", in addition to the details of the different, the overall basic similar.

The Singapore version of BYD E6, also continued the appearance of the cash Song Max design, but will be replaced in the net for a new honeycombed shape, internal integration dot matrix decoration, at the same time in the fog lamp area design has also changed.

Referred to domestic models, the modified E6 has a certain increase in vehicle length and height, which are 4695/1810/1670mm in length, width and height respectively, and the wheelbase reaches 2800mm.

Due to the input into the travel market, so the interior belongs to the simple style, the overall practical. The central control screen supports 180° rotation, and integrates D-Link vehicle and machine system. Below is a knob type shift mechanism, which has a certain sense of science and technology.

At the same time, the new car also provides Bluetooth connection and remote start function to meet the needs of consumers.

In terms of powertrain, the vehicle will be equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 70 kW and a peak torque of 180 N · m, with a battery pack capacity of 71.7kWh and a range of 552 km, making it the longest electric vehicle in Singapore at present.

It can be said that BYD e6 is strong enough to shoulder the task of travel market in Singapore, a country with a small area and suitable temperature.