MAHLE's new high-efficiency non-magnetic drive motor: no need of rare earth efficiency over 95%

As a tier-one supplier to global automotive and engine component manufacturers, mahler has a number of revolutionary innovations in traditional internal combustion engines. Now, however, as the global shift to electric vehicles accelerates, Mr Muller is putting more emphasis on his stockpile of electric-drive technology.

Today, we learned that Mahle has introduced a new magneto-free machine that requires no rare-earth materials, is environmentally friendly in its manufacturing process, and offers significant cost and resource security advantages.

The main feature of the new motor is inductive, or contactless, power transmission, which enables wear-free operation and ultra high efficiency at high speeds. On most drives, the motor is more than 95% efficient, something previously only Formula E cars could achieve.

It can be said that the product combines the advantages of various motor concepts. The new product is also easy to scale and can be applied to all levels of vehicles, from small cars to commercial vehicles.

During the development process, Muller uses an innovative simulation process to adjust the motor design according to different parameters for different designs until the optimal value is found.

This method is faster and less costly than traditional processes. In this way, Mahler is helping to quickly create the technology necessary to take electric vehicles on a global scale in a sustainable manner.

Dr. Martin Berger, vice president of research and senior engineering at Mahler, said: "This is a major breakthrough for our magneto-free machines, which offer advantages over comparable products. As a result, we can provide our customers with superior efficiency products at a relatively low cost."