Huawei Smart Screen X65 to welcome HongMeng Version 2.0: the first to support the China version of HDR

Huawei Smart Screen X65 has received a new version of Harmonyos, which is the first version to support the HDR Vivid dynamic HDR display standard.

The move marks the beginning of the commercialization of HDR Vivid technology, a playback device, indicating that China's ultra-high definition industry has entered a fast lane.

The China Ultra HD Video Industry Alliance (CUVA) was established in 2018 with a focus on promoting the development of China's Ultra HD video industry. Its HDR Vivid video standard is 40 times brighter than traditional SDR (standard dynamic range).

HDR Vivid's technology uses smart computing to make different display devices produce the best images for viewing. From TVs and computers to mobile phones and tablets and other display devices, consumers will see a wealth of color and detail that they have never seen before. The enhancement of the contrast between light and shade creates more distinct layers and more three-dimensional dimensions. Time and space travel between light and shadow, both unreal and real.

Huawei Smart Screen X65 is the first to support the HDR Vivid display standard

Huawei Smart Screen X65, using a 65-inch OLED self-illuminating screen, equipped with HHG898 flagship smart chip, supports millions of contrast and up to 1000nit HDR peak brightness, with excellent HDR display performance.

HDR Vivid, a new standard for dynamic HDR technology, is supported in the new HDR10 and HLG update.

HDR10 static HDR technology, compared the HDR Vivid is to use dynamic metadata dynamic HDR technology, its brightness, contrast and color can be individually scene optimization, to show the terminal to provide more accurate dynamic mapping method, makes the bright area and dark field area more rich, the details of the maximum reduction of HDR content creators in the first place.

Following this update, a batch of HDR Vivid content has also been released on Huawei's Smart Screen X65, and more HDR Vivid content is in the pipeline.

Huawei warns that if your SmartScreen X65 alert is not available in a new version, please be patient.