The Lenovo Yoga Tablet supports HDMI input

Yoga Pad Pro can not only play games freely, but also support HDMI IN input function. It can easily access the picture information of notebook and Switch, and change the high-quality portable display screen in seconds.

According to previous news, Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro will be equipped with Snapdragon 870 processor, and will also be equipped with a 2.5K high resolution, 120Hz high refresh rate of high-quality display, matching symmetrical type four speakers, can bring excellent video and audio experience, and has a very smooth, smooth operation feeling, the main high-end market.

Such a high specification of the screen can be said to be a "dimension reduction" for the portable screen market, but it also comes with the Snapdragon 870 flagship level performance boost, which also makes the tablet product a more practical dimension.

It should be noted that careful users said that HDMI IN input means that only the transmission of images and sounds, for touch operation, and charging at the same time the function will be missing, which may be a big regret for Switch host players.