The Nvidia RTX 3080 TI /3070 TI graphics card will be delayed until June

Nvidia's RTX3080 TI graphics card was originally scheduled for release on May 31 along with the RTX3070 TI. Both graphics cards have been extended, with the RTX3080 TI's review unban date being changed to June 2 and the RTX3070 TI's unban date being June 9.
Nvidia's GPU core, codenamed GA10X-XX2, is in the pipeline, and some manufacturers have successfully mass-produced a batch of RTX 3080 TI graphics cards. Nvidia attributed the delay to a lack of chip production capacity.

The RTX3080 TI will be powered by a GA102-225 GPU with 10,240 stream processors and 12GB GDDR6 X video memory. The video memory has a bit width of 384-bit and a bandwidth increase of 152 Gb /s over the RTX3080.

The RTX3070 TI will feature a GA104-400GPU core with 6144 stream processors and 8GB of GDDR6x video memory.

Foreign media made a table, detailed comparison of the two RTX30 series of new graphics card specifications: