BOE 360 ° folding screen is coming

In order to meet the increasingly differentiated needs of high-end users, more folding screen products will enter the market one after another, and the market capacity will gradually increase. By 2023, domestic shipments of folding screen products will exceed 1 million units.

With the rapid development of folding screens, flexible folding screen technology has become a must for major smartphone manufacturers to innovate.

At present, from the perspective of folding mobile phone products that have been launched by major mobile phone manufacturers, there are mainly two folding modes: flexible outer fold and flexible inner fold.

According to official reports from BOE, BOE is the only company in the world that has achieved mass production of both flexible outer and inner fold displays.

It is reported that BOE adopts a multi-neutral layer model design, which effectively reduces the stress of flexible "outside fold" and "inside fold", and realizes the low crease effect of flexible "inside fold" and "outside fold", and the folding life reaches 200,000. Second, let users enjoy the freedom of folding from now on!

At present, BOE has achieved mass production of R5 200,000-fold outward-folding displays and R3 200,000-fold inward-folding displays, and supplies to domestic first-tier smart phone manufacturers.

In addition to the flexible outer-folding and flexible inner-folding displays that have been mass-produced, BOE has also deployed flexible sliding roll and flexible 360° folding technology.

From the official display, BOE's flexible 360° folding technology breaks through the limitation of the single-direction folding of the display module, realizing a 360° form of inward folding + flattening + outward folding.