Tencent disclosed the patent of "recharge method and device": there is no WiFi and the phone can still be charged online in the state of arrearage shutdown

Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. publishes the patent of "recharge method and device" with the publication number of cn112712360a.
According to the patent specification, when the communication cost of the mobile terminal is insufficient, the mobile terminal will be shut down in arrears, resulting in users unable to access the Internet, call and other services.
At present, the operators will limit the normal communication function and disconnect the data network for the mobile terminal which is in arrears. When the WiFi network cannot be connected, the mobile terminal will not be able to recharge online. The limitation of online recharge is high, and the recharge efficiency is low. As a result, the user can not contact the outside world through the mobile terminal for a period of time, which reduces the user experience.
According to the patent abstract, the application discloses a recharge method and device, which belongs to the field of communication technology. When the WiFi network cannot be connected, the terminal in arrears shutdown state can still recharge by visiting the recharge guidance page, which expands the online recharge mode and has high recharge efficiency.
At present, Tencent's two major social platforms, QQ and wechat, both support mobile phone recharging, and the patent is expected to bring better experience to the recharging function.