Help Samsung achieve independence of semiconductor equipment! Semes plans to build R & D Center

Semes, the largest semiconductor equipment manufacturer in South Korea and a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, is planning to build a new R & D center to help Samsung achieve independence in the field of semiconductor equipment.
It is reported that semes plans to invest 400 billion won (US $360 million) in the next 10 years to build an R & D center on a 110000 square meter site near the chip factory of Samsung Giheung.
The report points out that since Japan imposed export control on South Korea two years ago, the importance of semiconductor equipment has become increasingly prominent.
At the same time, with the increasing competition in the global semiconductor industry, the major chip manufacturers are committed to obtaining sufficient semiconductor production equipment. Li Zairong, vice chairman of Samsung Electronics, visited the Netherlands in October 2020 to obtain EUV lithography equipment as scheduled.
Samsung aims to become the world's largest system semiconductor manufacturer by 2030, and plans to enter the top five in the semiconductor equipment industry.
According to the report, semes plans to complete the land acquisition of the R & D center through the central and local governments of South Korea in the second half of May. Industry experts predict that semes will promote capital increase for this project.