In the Cambrian period, the R & D expenditure rate will reach 167.41% in 2020, and 555 new patent applications will be added

According to the 2020 annual report disclosed by Cambrian last night, the company has carried out systematic intellectual property layout in smart chips and related fields, which escorts the core technologies developed by the company.

During the reporting period, the company added 555 patent applications, including 538 invention patents, 7 utility model patents and 10 appearance patents. During the reporting period, 245 patents were authorized, including 222 invention patents, 17 utility model patents and 6 design patents. In addition, the company added 7 software copyrights; There are two layout designs of integrated circuits.
During the reporting period, the Cambrian R & D investment was 768.2803 million yuan, and the R & D expense rate was 167.41%.
According to the data, the main business of Cambrian is the R & D, design and sales of artificial intelligence core chips used in all kinds of cloud servers, edge computing devices and terminal devices, providing customers with rich chip products and system software solutions. The company's main products include terminal intelligent processor IP, cloud intelligent chip and accelerator card, edge intelligent chip and accelerator card, and basic system software platform supporting the above products.
It is worth mentioning that Cambrian attaches great importance to technology research and development. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, the company's R & D expenses were 29.8619 million yuan, 240.1118 million yuan and 54.304.54 million yuan respectively, with R & D expense rates of 380.73%, 205.18% and 122.32% respectively.