In response to water shortage, TSMC will build its own wastewater treatment plant

China Taiwan has seen significantly less rainfall than usual, the typhoon is late, and the Sun Moon Lake has nearly dried up. TSMC's fabs require so much water that even though 100 tankers had been used to carry it, they were unable to keep up with demand. Ms. Lora Ho, TSMC's vice president of sales for Europe and Asia, said today that the wastewater treatment plant will be built and will aim for initial operation by the end of this year.
Wafer processing involves washing silicon wafers with large amounts of ultrapure water to remove impurities, which can then be treated and recycled. Upon completion, TSMC executives said the wastewater treatment plant will gradually increase its capacity, which is expected to reach 67,000 tons of water a day by 2024, which will be reused in the chip manufacturing process.

According to TSMC's 2019 data. The 67,000 tonnes of water is less than half the plant's daily consumption. With the expansion of capacity in recent years and initial production of the 3nm process, TSMC has had to re-treat wastewater to meet demand.

TSMC will not only develop new processes, but will also expand production of 28nm process chips to meet demand for products such as automotive chips.