NVIDIA RTX 3060 anti mining drive released: reduces mining efficiency by 50%

NVIDIA officially announced last week that it would reduce the mining efficiency of the RTX 3060 by 50% in order to make it available to mainstream gamers.
Today, RTX 3060 has been on the market, and NVIDIA has officially launched the 461.72 WHQL graphics card driver, which will be equipped with this anti mining function.

NVIDIA RTX 3060 anti mining drive released: reduces mining efficiency by 50%
It home has learned that the 461.72 WHQL video card driver will detect the specific attributes of the Ethereum cryptocurrency mining algorithm, and limit the hash rate or cryptocurrency mining efficiency to about 50%. NVIDIA spokesman Brian del Rizzo said that the limit of halving mining efficiency is not as simple as a driver, but the result of a secure handshake between the driver, RTX 3060 chip and BIOS firmware to prevent someone from bypassing the limit.
The new video card driver also fixes some game problems and display problems. Users can download the 461.72 WHQL game ready driver directly through geforce experience application or through the links listed below.
The following is an update:
Fixed the problem of intermittent and low FPS when using hardware accelerated GPU scheduling in window mode in eternal edge and Killer 2.
Fix the performance degradation of Vulkan software when using g-sync and in-game settings to switch from full screen mode to window mode.
Freestyle support is added to the Isle game.
Fixed a problem where geforce experience was unable to log games.
Fix application crash when Vulkan starts on win10 (version 1803).
Fix the problem that the wallpaper engine software may crash when it starts or recovers from sleep.
Fixed glint in Blu ray playback when playing through HDMI.
Fixed multiple desktop applications flashing when vertical sync was set to the default use 3D application settings.
Fixing Chrome / edge browser may encounter random TDR problems.
Fix the problem that LG CX OLED TV (2020) cannot be recognized as g-sync compatible display.
Fix the problem that PC may display "no signal" when NVIDIA surround is enabled on RTX 30 series graphics card.
Fixed the lack of maximum graphics processing power information on the NVIDIA Control Panel > system information page on some laptops.