Huawei publishes patent of "face skin detection method and device"

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. discloses the patent of "Face Skin Detection Method and Device", the disclosure number is CN112700398A.

Huawei disclosed the patent for "facial skin detection method and device", so that you can know the skin condition without going to medical and aesthetic institutions

The patent specification shows that with the progress of science and technology and the development of medical technology, beauty science has entered a stage of rapid development, and cosmetics related hospital dermatology consulting room and medical beauty institutions began to popularize, providing users with skin related needs with comprehensive diagnosis and treatment and follow-up beauty services.

In the existing technology, in order to meet the needs of users, applications in some terminal devices such as mobile phones and tablets provide the function of skin detection. Users can take pictures of the face through the camera of the terminal device, and the terminal device will evaluate the skin of the user's face according to the image processing algorithm. It enables users to know their skin condition in real time without going to the hospital.

Patent summary, this application provides a facial skin detection method and device, the method described by terminal equipment has a front-facing camera, after obtaining the first image contains face, extract the people face, the feature information of the pores within the target area, and according to the target characteristic information of pores in the area of the pores within the target area for further divided into multiple pore categories. This application solves the technical problem that the terminal device in the prior art is unable to conduct skin detection according to the face image taken by the front camera.