LG will work with General Motors to develop a 50cm lithium-ion battery that will increase the range of electric cars by 10%

LG energy solution will work with GM to develop a new lithium battery with a length of 50cm. The battery can reduce the processing difficulty of electric vehicle battery pack, from the traditional three column arrangement to two columns, while increasing the energy density.

GM said its ultium pure electric platform will use 12 modules made of such batteries, with a 10% increase in battery life.

The new lithium battery developed by LG will use NCMA cathode materials, including nickel, cobalt, manganese and aluminum, of which nickel will account for more than 80%. The battery will save the cost of electric vehicles, increase energy density and make the design and development of vehicles easier. In the future, GM will use this 50cm lithium battery in its Cadillac, Chevrolet, gmcsuv and other models.
The manufacturing process of the new battery is also upgraded from the previous Z-shaped electrode stacking process, using single-chip stacking, which makes the manufacturing process easier and the production efficiency higher. Earlier, LG and GM announced that they would spend 2.7 billion won to build a battery factory in the United States, which will start operation in the second half of 2023.