Foxconn made the 11/12.9-inch Apple M1 iPad Pro

The 12.9-inch version has a brighter and better contrast Mini-LED backlit multitouch display, and the iPad Pro, which is powered by Apple's first Mac processor, has a significantly improved performance. The storage capacity starts at 128GB and goes up to 2TB.

Foxconn made the 11/12.9-inch Apple M1 iPad Pro
Apple M1 iPad Pro
Apple's new iPad Pro, which has been exclusively manufactured by its longtime partner Foxconn, is also expected to boost the company's revenue in April, industry insiders said.

Research estimates that Apple shipped 20.09 million iPads in the fourth quarter, and the introduction of a new, more powerful iPad Pro is expected to boost demand for the device.

It should be noted that in previous reports, foreign media mentioned that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Mini-LED backlit multi-touch display was exclusively manufactured by Foxconn. Industry insiders revealed that all the new iPad Pro were exclusively manufactured by Foxconn. This means that the new 11-inch iPad Pro will also be exclusively manufactured by Foxconn.

In addition, industry insiders said that the new iPad Pro will boost Foxconn's revenue in April, which means that production in April will not be low and stocks will be relatively large.