Apple will buy less OLED screen panels from Samsung and more LG and BOE

Apple will reduce its reliance on Samsun GDisplay and instead purchase OLED panels from LGDisplay and BOE. In 2020, Samsung supplied 78% of the OLED display panels on Apple's iPhone, but foreign media estimates that the proportion of Samsung screens used by Apple will drop to 65% by 2021. As a result, Apple can be expected to buy about 110 million screen panels from Samsung this year.

LG Display supplied 21 percent of Apple's screen panels in 2020 and is expected to grow to 29 percent, or about 50 million units, this year. BOE, a Chinese company, is expected to supply Apple with 9m OLED panels. Foreign media said BOE did not pass Apple's quality inspection standards, but will make replacement screen panels for the iPhone12. In addition, BOE is currently developing flexible screens that can be rolled up.
Apple's iPhone13, due out this year, is expected to feature a smaller fringe on the screen, as well as an F1.5 aperture 7P wide-angle lens, and the 2022 iPhone14 is expected to be upgraded to a 48MP camera.