Aiot! Amway China Security IP new, support domestic / international cryptographic algorithm

Today, Arm China announced the release of the IP "Shanhai" S12, a security solution for AIOT devices, and announced that the "Shanhai" S12 has been delivered to customers.

Shanhai is an implementation of ARM's Platform Security Architecture. The first generation of the product was launched in 2019 to provide IoT solutions. In contrast, the "Sunsea" S12 can support the more advanced Cortex A/R class application processor system, for AIOT systems requiring greater computing power from SoC hardware IP to cloud security services to provide A complete solution, can be used in smart phones, tablets, smart TV, security and other industries.

Geng Jianhua, security product manager of Armou China, shared that at present, there are more than 20 authorized customers of "Shanhai", and Armou China plans to launch a new security IP product next year.

I. Challenges faced by AIOT equipment: safety management throughout the life cycle

AIOT equipment has the characteristics of strong data computing power, large data transmission throughput and high network link security requirements.

According to Geng Jianhua, security product manager of Arm China, security should be maintained throughout the whole life cycle of AIOT devices, which can be divided into security devices, security connections, security cloud and other layers, and each layer needs to realize different security functions.

For example, security equipment needs to be able to safely start/debug, safe storage, with safe encryption and decryption capabilities; In the link of secure connection, the solution needs to have access control technology and realize end-to-end encryption. For the security cloud, the solution needs to achieve secure data storage, platform integrity verification and so on.

To realize these functions, IP security solution needs to be designed in hardware, firmware and software. Based on this, Arm China launched the full stack security solution "Shanhai" S12. The "Shanhai" S12 is a complete IP set for ARMv7/8 and ARMv7/8-R.

Second, based on the hardware encryption and decryption engine, support domestic/international cryptographic algorithms
In terms of hardware, the core module of "Shanhai" S12, TrustEngage-600, is a cryptographic algorithm engine, which includes international common encryption and decryption algorithms and Chinese business cryptographic algorithms, and supports simultaneous access of up to 16 hosts.

TrustEngine-600 supports ARM TrustZone by default, and its algorithms and security capabilities can be flexibly configured as needed. In addition, customers can either use the random number scheme provided by Arm China or customize the random number scheme.

The sword refers to AIoT! Arm China security IP new support for domestic/international password algorithms

3. Enrich software capabilities and firmware support, with configurable capabilities
Software, "Shanhai" S12 can provide safe start, safe debugging, safe burning and other functions.

At the same time, "Shanhai" S12 can provide cloud-based device management and security upgrade applications, implement device management functions for OEMs and cloud service providers, and provide security components for firmware upgrade.

Geng Jianhua said that according to the different security needs of each scenario, the S12 has the configurable capability, so that customers can configure the algorithm accordingly and optimize the product cost.

The sword refers to AIoT! Arm China security IP new support for domestic/international password algorithms

From mobile phones and computers to smart watches and smart glasses, all kinds of smart devices have become an important part of human life, and the vision of "the Internet of Everything" is increasingly being built into an entity. But at the same time, expectations of safety have been raised.

It is believed that with all kinds of AIOT devices becoming more and more close to life, besides technical product ability, security technical ability will become another important strength for AIOT players.