Redmi K40 game version run points announced: up to 724000

Redmi mobile phone has officially announced that it will hold an online new product launch on April 27 to officially launch the enhanced version of redmi K40 game, which is also the brand's first game mobile phone product.
This morning, Lu Weibing, general manager of redmi brand, released the running score information of the machine, which shows that the performance score of redmi K40 enhanced version in antutu V9 version is 724000, which is equal to that of Qualcomm flagship snapdragon 870, and will bring the ultimate game performance output to users.

According to official information, the plane will carry the strongest flagship processor of MediaTek Tianji 1200.
Tianji 1200 adopts advanced and stable 6nm process technology, which can effectively balance performance and endurance performance. It also brings the 3.0GHz A78 super large core with the highest dominant frequency in the industry. In terms of GPU, it adopts mali-g77, which is the strongest game chip in the history of DTT.
In addition, Tianji 1200 also implements ray tracing technology at the end game level for the first time on the mobile phone. The rendered game picture is brighter and the shadow effect is more realistic, which can bring comparable real game picture for mobile game players.
At the same time, redmi K40 game enhanced version also passed the German Rhine t Ü V high game performance certification V2.0, in more than 40 tests for game performance, the machine has passed all tests with excellent performance.
In addition to the top-level performance output, redmi K40 game enhanced version also brings a unique lift shoulder key, which can easily realize multi finger operation. At the same time, it can also hide with one button by sliding the button, and the second becomes normal.
It is worth mentioning that redmi will continue to carry out the mission of the ultimate cost performance brand this time. Lu Weibing said that he will use this mobile phone to break through the bottom line of game mobile phone price, and use a more generous price to make the professional E-sports experience inclusive of the public, which is worth looking forward to.