R & D director of Audi China: Huawei's automatic driving scheme may be adopted

During the Shanghai auto show, Audi released three new heavy weight vehicles, namely, q5l, a7l and a6e-tron concept vehicles. Among them, a6e Ron, built on the pure power platform of PPE, is the most attractive, adopting a new design language, which will last more than 700 kilometers, and will be listed in 2023.
After Audi's new product launch, michaelhofmann, executive vice president of Audi China R & D, said it introduced the reasons why Audi cancelled the L3 level autopilot project and the cooperation with Huawei in the field of autopilot.
1. Audi may be equipped with Huawei autopilot Technology
Just before the opening of this auto show, the car and things were invited to experience Huawei ads high-level automatic driving scheme system, and was impressed by its urban self driving ability.
After the experience, Huawei's president of intelligent driving product line said that a large European brand has signed up with Huawei and will carry Huawei's ads system on its domestic models.
But it did not specify which car company it was.
It happened that on the way to experience ads, Huawei was testing ads system with Audi A6 model.
Considering Huawei uses target customers' vehicles in ads testing, Audi may be "a European factory".
In response, the media asked Hoffman. He laughed at the moment he heard the problem, probably suggesting Huawei had indeed reached a partnership with Audi.
"Huawei may be Audi's autopilot partner." Hoffman said with a smile, but did not reveal more details.
2. Cancellation of L3 is a regulatory issue and L4 capabilities will be demonstrated this year
In 2020, the vehicle and vehicle materials exclusively reported that Audi cancelled the L3 level automatic driving project (refer to the previous report on "exclusive Audi canceling L3 level automatic driving project, with a investment of 1billion euros and thousands of R & D years").
In this regard, Hoffman said that Audi is currently vigorously developing L2+'s automatic driving technology, and only after the law allows, the L3/4 automatic driving system will be launched.
Audi is now working closely on the L2+ automatic driving system. Both imported and domestic models will be equipped. At the same time, China R & D team will also participate in R & D, and increase more localization functions according to local road conditions.
Hoffman stressed that Audi's autopilot options can be adapted to different models, from both class B and D.
Audi is currently developing a pure electric vehicle called Artemis, which is expected to be launched in 2024. Hoffman said the model already has the ability to drive automatically at L4 level, will be opened after policy permission and is expected to become a benchmark of the market.
At the same time, Audi will also display L4 automatic driving system based on vehicle road coordination technology in Wuxi this year.