International Space Station scrapped Russia: I'm going to quit and go it alone

As the word "international" in the name says, the international space station is a large project jointly built and maintained by more than ten countries in the world. In addition to the familiar us, Japan, Canada and Europe, Russia is also one of the five major member states.
However, with the aging of the international space station, some member states have begun to plan for a "back road". Russia recently announced that it will withdraw from the international space station and intends to work alone.
It's right to learn from China. You can do it yourself without being restrained.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Borisov said that considering the serious aging of the international space station (ISS) and the expiration of the space station operation contract in 2024, Russia plans to withdraw from the project and start building its own space station from 2025.
Borisov's "aging" theory is indeed a fact. As we all know, the construction of the international space station began in 1998 and has been in orbit since 2000. Now it has been running for more than 20 years, and the aging of its performance and equipment is expected. According to CNMO, the annual maintenance cost of the space station alone is as high as US $5 billion.
In addition to its own space station, Russia has more Aerospace programs. Russia plans to launch a probe to the moon in 2021 and land astronauts on the moon in 2030.