Apple will use random serial numbers for new products to remind dealers to be prepared

Apple is reminding its authorized senior dealers and distributors to prepare for new products with 10 and 12 digital serial numbers. The company will hold a new product launch on the 21st of this month.

Apple plans to switch to random serial numbers for future products from early 2021. The company now appears to be preparing for this plan, and in a memo obtained by macrumors, apple told authorized dealers and distributors to ensure that their "systems, warehouses and processes are in place to receive and deliver both serial number formats.".
Apple currently uses a 12 digit serial number format for its products. Although this alphanumeric format is random on the surface, it actually contains key production information such as production date and time. With the new random serial number format, such information will be more difficult to decipher. Apple said the format would initially start with 10 bits.