China Mobile/Huawei completes 5G indoor distributed Massive MIMO technology pilot, downlink 1.5Gbps

Taiyuan Branch of China Mobile and Huawei completed the province's first 5G indoor distributed Massivemimo innovation pilot on Taiyuan Metro Line 2. Compared with the opening, the peak throughput rate of a single cell increased by four times to 5Gbps.

However, due to the characteristics of 5G network with large bandwidth and the same frequency, there is serious interference at the overlap of PRRU. The capacity of a single cell in 5G is reduced more than that in 4G, and the overall capacity of the cell is improved limited and the user perception is not strong. 5G indoor distributed MASSIVEMIMO technology innovatively introduces the concept of MASSIVEMIMO technology in the digital room sub-system, through the joint beam forming technology to turn interference into enhanced signal and multi-user MIMO technology to achieve doubling of cell capacity, accurately solve the interference problem between indoor 5G cells. It greatly improves the user experience.

This innovative pilot was selected in Huazhuangjie Station of Metro Line 2. After adopting the distributed MASSIVEMIMO technology, the average downlink rate of a single user reached 1.5Gbps, which was 60% higher than before the operation, and the average uplink rate reached 230Mbps, which was 194% higher than before the operation. The peak throughput rate of a single cell with multiple users reached 5Gbps, which was 4 times higher than before the operation.
5 g indoor distributed MassiveMIMO technology as a new breakthrough, 5 g indoor technology can not only solve the traffic hub, high overload capacity scene spot problems such as large venues, as well as mine, wisdom medical, intelligent manufacture and so on vertical industry provides a new solution, effective agreed with these new business connection density per unit area is high, Uplink, downlink service capacity requirements are very high characteristics.