The latest version of Huawei mobile assistant has recognized harmonyos 2.0

Huawei's humon harmonyos will be tested in June to upgrade multiple models. The first models appear to include matex2, P40 and mate40.
Some of the latest versions of Huawei mobile phone assistants have been shown as Huawei humon harmonyos2.0, such as Huawei p30pro and p40pro, which seems to be greeting in advance.

According to the information released before, the first batch of upgrades to Huawei's harmonyos2.0 mobile phone system will include matex2, mate40 and P40 series, which are expected to be upgraded in the later part of this year.
Wang Chenglu, President of Huawei consumer business software department and head of AI and intelligent full scene business department, announced that at least 300million mobile phones, pad and other IOT devices carrying Hongmeng OS will be equipped by the end of this year.