It is reported that Huawei Hisilicon's next-generation 5g baseband has been streamed and integrated into the new generation Kirin SOC

A Huawei staff member disclosed that the new generation of Hisilicon 5g baseband trial has been completed, and the new baseband is not independent but integrated into the new generation of Kirin SOC chip.

In addition, a digital blogger close to Huawei @ Chang'an digital Jun also relayed the above news, further enhancing the credibility.
Hisilicon is a leading fabless semiconductor and device design company in the world. Hisilicon, formerly known as Huawei IC Design Center, started its IC design and R & D business in 1991.
So far, Hisilicon products cover smart vision, smart IOT, smart media, smart transportation and automotive electronics, display, mobile terminal, data center, optical transceiver and other fields.
In terms of communication, hispalon leads the mobile industry, leading commercial LTE cat. 4, cat. 6, cat. 12 / 13, cat. 18, cat. 19, cat. 21, dual card dual volte, c-v2x, pseudo base station defense and other technologies.
Kirin is currently the first echelon of smart phone chip solutions industry. It has advanced SOC architecture and leading production technology, integrates AP and modem, and owns a number of products such as Balong 5000.