China will build the first joint laboratory in the field of quantum computing chip to fill the domestic manufacturing gap

In recent years, quantum technology has developed rapidly and become the frontier of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change. Science and technology related institutions at home and abroad have layout, want to occupy a place in them. As a powerful country in science and technology, China is no exception.
Anhui Province, as a leading city in the development of quantum science and technology in China, attaches great importance to the development of quantum science and technology industry, and has made a number of important scientific research achievements with international influence in the field of quantum science and technology. The 14th five year plan will accelerate the construction of the source of quantum scientific and technological innovation achievements and the industrial development cluster, form the quantum scientific and technological industrial innovation chain, and build a "quantum center" with global influence.
The signing ceremony of Hefei Benyuan Quantum Computing Technology Co., Ltd. and Hefei Jinghe integrated circuit Co., Ltd. to jointly build a quantum computing chip joint laboratory was held in Hefei recently, Anhui Daily reported. This is the first joint laboratory in the field of quantum computing chip in Anhui Province. It will carry out process cooperative development and engineering chip verification in the field of ultra-low temperature integrated circuits, and realize the whole chain development from chip design to package test.
The construction of the laboratory will play an important role in promoting the integrated development of quantum computing chips, filling the gaps in domestic manufacturing, and accelerating the implementation of applications.
It is understood that the original quantum and crystal integration are respectively the leading enterprises in the field of quantum computing and driver chip OEM. The cooperation between the two sides is an exploration to give full play to the advantages of quantum computing and wafer manufacturing technology and build an innovation consortium, which provides a new path for the ecological construction of a new generation of information technology industry.