Bill Gates made his first visit to the recently popular voice social platform clubhouse on Wednesday

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates made his first visit to the recently popular voice social platform clubhouse on Wednesday to discuss topics ranging from climate change to drama.
Gates is currently promoting his new book "how to avoid a climate disaster", so the topic of his dialogue with CNBC reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin in Clubhouse also involves climate change. He also shared his views on COVID-19, bitcoin and climate change, and why he used Android mobile phone in an hour's exchange. He also followed anecdotes about his isolation during the epidemic.
The following is the main content gates shared this time:
iPhone vs. Android
As clubhouse is currently only compatible with IOS system, many people wonder if the Microsoft co-founder has fallen into the arms of an old rival and bought an iPhone. But Gates said that is not the case. The mobile phone he usually uses is not made by apple.
"Some Android vendors pre install Microsoft software, which is very convenient for me." "They are more flexible in dealing with the relationship between software and the operating system," Gates said. That's why I finally got used to Android I have a lot of friends who use iPhones, so it's not contradictory. "
Paul Davison, co-founder of clubhouse, also briefly entered the room during the conversation, telling gates and solkin that the Android version of clubhouse is the company's top priority at the moment.
Solkin asked gates what he thought of the "climate debate" triggered by cryptocurrency - the view that the mining process of cryptocurrency requires a lot of computing power and consumes a lot of electricity. As a matter of fact, Gates has also made clear his position on this issue before. He does not look at the special currency.
"Bitcoin consumes more power in every transaction than any other payment method known to mankind. So in terms of climate, it has a big impact. " "If we use green energy and don't crowd out other ways of using it, it probably doesn't matter," Gates said. Although you may label me as a "bitcoin skeptic" because I haven't invested in bitcoin yet, I don't think there is much connection between these things.