10Gbps! Nokia Optus announces new record

The Australian operator Optus and Nokia's 5g site in Brisbane have adopted 800MHz millimeter wave spectrum and achieved a downlink rate of up to 10Gbps, setting a new record for the total throughput of the site.
Finnish suppliers said the demonstration used their airscale wireless devices and demonstrated the capabilities of millimeter wave 5g and the benefits of adding it to 4G sites.
Lambo kanagaratnam, general manager of Optus network, said that in providing services to "consumers, enterprises and industries", the operator "has taken an exciting step towards releasing the huge potential of millimeter wave 5g".
He pointed out that achieving 10Gbps per site is a key step in the development of Optus 5g, and verified the technological progress achieved in cooperation with Nokia.
Anna wills, head of Nokia Oceania, said the demonstration demonstrated the potential of millimeter wave deployment "at a time when connectivity and capacity are so critical.".
Australia will auction the 2.4GHz 26ghz spectrum of 27 geographical blocks later this month. The millimeter wave auction is the country's first offer of high-frequency 5g spectrum.
In early 2020, Optus launched a dual band 5g network at 2300mhz and 3500MHz in Sydney.