Musk applied to build the US space city in order to land on Mars as soon as possible 2

Musk city faces many challenges
Musc's plan for starbess is unclear. SpaceX did not respond to a request for comment from reporters, and Mr. mask himself gave only a few vague clues on twitter. This week, he said it was expected that stabis city would grow "thousands of people" in the next year or two, and plans to donate $20million to schools in Cameron county and $10million to nearby Brownsville for "downtown revitalization.".
At present, the city's planning seems to be in its early stages. The representative of SpaceX, speaking to the legal department in Cameron County, referred to the interest in consolidating its local facilities, the village of bockchka, which is located in the county. But eddietrevi ó ojr., a county judge in Cameron County, said neither Mr. mask nor his company had submitted the documents needed to start the process. "There are a lot more to do with the merger than to want to merge," he said
First, Texas law requires at least 201 residents of potential municipalities. Alan Bojorquez, a city lawyer for several Texas cities, said a ruling by the State High Court also provided that there must be a core area around which towns could be developed and that the region must be able to receive regular municipal services.
Then residents will have to vote whether they want to merge some villages and towns. "The law is very simple, and the real difficulty in the merger is public relations and persuading people living in the countryside to agree to be urban residents," boqioxus said Successful mergers, he said, are often because "strong support between neighbors is against something or something they cannot do themselves.".
With SpaceX's ambitions growing in bockchka, the company has started to provide out of service to residents. As of March, SpaceX had 110 plots in Cameron county through a subsidiary. The company envisions it as a space port to the future, where starships will fly regularly. As part of the plan, SpaceX is trying to drill gas (as rocket fuel) on nearby land and have a dispute with an oil company on the issue.
Merging into starbes could allow SpaceX to control more local regulations, such as zoning, which could allow the company to conduct more flight tests and launches without having to evacuate nearby areas for safety. It can also make the region more attractive to potential workers' relocation and allow them to enter a prosperous city. "The prosperity of the place itself is closely related to the survival of the company," said Tracy, a Brookings Institute researcher. If the company is in trouble, it will produce very bad results. "
Louisbalderas, a resident of South Padre, has filmed SpaceX's progress in bockchka village for two years for its widely watched YouTube channel labpadre. He lives about 45 minutes from here and says he's interested in moving there if starbass is established. But he said the city needed more public services, and the electronic signals were bad and trucks were needed to carry water every month. But balderas still thought, "if you can live in this city, it's cool!"