China decides to develop heavy launch vehicle "Long March 9"

Aerospace personnel said that "the development of the rocket should be driven first, and now the country has determined to develop the heavy carrier rocket Long March 9." "In the next step, if there are such super large space projects as manned lunar landing and manned fire landing, they will be a necessary means of delivery."

According to previous media reports, in 2018. At the 40th Anniversary Exhibition of reform and opening up, He Wei, director of the general office of the General Department of the first Academy of Aerospace Science and technology group, introduced that the biggest feature of the Long March 9 rocket is "big". It is the largest launch vehicle in China in the future, with a launch capacity of 150 tons in low earth orbit. The core stage has a diameter of 9.5 meters and four boosters with a diameter of 5 meters. The takeoff thrust can reach 4000 tons and the takeoff weight can exceed 3000 tons. In the future, it will become the largest configuration of carrier rocket in China.