BYD Tang DM-I launched in Shanghai auto show in April: driving 1050km with super hybrid

BYD is the leader of new energy in its own brands. It not only has made great achievements in pure electric technology, but also is one of the first independent car companies to mass produce plug-in hybrid models.
In 2021, BYD launched DM-I, a new force of the plug-in hybrid family, at its first press conference. At present, the flagship SUV model Tang DM-I has started pre-sale.

On March 29, BYD Tang DM-I will be officially listed on the 2021 Shanghai auto show, which will open on April 19. Its previously announced pre-sale price is 197800-224800 yuan (after comprehensive subsidies). It is known as a medium and large SUV that can run 1050 km.
As a new model, the appearance of the new car has not changed much. It still adopts the design of the iconic dargon face Longyan family, which is quite domineering visually. It is expected that the interior of the new car will be the same as that of the cash Tang.
Compared with cash Tang, the biggest change of the new car is its power. BYD said that DM-I super hybrid technology is the core weapon of the new car.
The new car will be equipped with a plug-in hybrid system composed of a 1.5T engine and an electric motor. The Xiaoyun plug-in hybrid 1.5T high efficiency engine adopts Miller cycle working mode, with a compression ratio of 12.5:1 and a variable cross-section turbocharger, and the thermal efficiency can reach 40%.
It is matched with lithium iron phosphate blade battery, which provides two pure electric endurance versions of 52km and 112km.
It is reported that the 0-100km / h acceleration time is 8.7s and the fuel consumption is 5.3l/100km for the 52km model, while the 0-100km / h acceleration time is 8.5s and the fuel consumption is 5.5l/100km for the 112km model.
According to the official announcement, the comprehensive range of Tang DM-I can be 1010km and 1050km respectively under the condition of full oil and full power