Intel responds that there is no security vulnerability for its customers

Previously, Intel processors were accused of discovering two new vulnerabilities, that is, functions not recorded by manufacturers can intercept control over devices. Processors can be accessed in a special mode, which in most cases only Intel engineers can use. However, in some cases, hackers can also activate it. Processors with this vulnerability are mainly used in laptops, tablets and cash registers. Information security experts speculate that this option may exist in all current Intel processors and pose a huge potential threat.
A team of active technologies experts mark yermolov, Dmitry skoliarov and independent information security researcher Maxim goriachi found that Intel processors have two unrecorded instructions that allow you to modify microcode and gain control of the processor and the entire system.

Intel responded that the problem does not mean a security risk to customers, and Intel does not rely on the fuzziness of the information behind red unlock as a security measure. In addition to the intel-sa-00086 mitigation measures, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) following the Intel manufacturing guidelines have mitigated the OEM specific unlocking capabilities required for this study.