NVIDIA RTX 3090 quietly changing core: core number can be polished

NVIDIA RTX 30 series of this generation of graphics card is indeed a bit confusing. Competitive products, epidemic situation, mining and other factors completely disrupt the product rhythm, from release to specification are a bit unpredictable.
RTX 30 series specifications and designs are even more varied. As the top flagship, RTX 3090 has recently been found to have quietly replaced the chip, or "polished".

We have to start with RTX 3080 ti. According to the original plan, it should be released in early January this year, replacing the flagship position of RTX 3090, facing AMD RX 6900 XT, but it is not known whether the competition is not suck up, or old Huang has other ideas. RTX 3080 Ti has been postponed or even canceled.
In terms of specifications, RTX 3080 Ti was originally designed with 10496 stream processors, just like RTX 3090, but the video memory was reduced to 320 bit 20GB gddr6x. Later, it became 10240 stream processors, 384 bit 12gb gddr6x video memory, and the core number changed from ga102-250 to ga102-225.
Generally speaking, the three digits of NVIDIA GPU core number after the code number, the larger the number, the higher the core specification, and the change from 250 to 225 also corresponds to the reduction of the number of stream processors.
Recently, a netizen bought a RTX 3090, and found a strange phenomenon.
The core number of RTX 3090 was originally ga102-300, but this one is different. The original printed number was ga102-250-kd-a1, which corresponds to the original RTX 3080 Ti, but it was crossed out and the ga102-300-a1 was reprinted.
It is not clear why NVIDIA is doing this, or whether it is an example or a batch.
The biggest guess is that a batch of ga102-250 cores were originally prepared for RTX 3080 Ti, but they were re used in RTX 3090 due to the influence and adjustment of specifications, production capacity, release time, etc.
According to the latest statement, RTX 3080 ti will be released in mid May, and the price may be $999 / RMB 7999, and RTX 3090 may also exit.