Didi announced to enter the South African market and will enter Ecuador in April

Didi travel announced that it will start recruiting drivers in Cape Town, South Africa's second largest city, and will start operating there in the near future. Previously, Didi started trial operation in Port Elizabeth, one of the main ports in South Africa, on March 1, and officially entered the African market. Didi said it had attracted more than 2000 drivers to register in less than a month.

According to public information, Didi has provided services in 14 overseas countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, Russia, Dominica and Argentina. Didi disclosed that while expanding its African market, Didi's Latin American business is also advancing in an orderly manner, and plans to enter Ecuador in April this year.
International market is an important part of Cheng Wei's "0188" strategy. According to the late report earlier, the national gross profit of travel can make money, but in addition to Uber, there are also local enterprises all over the country. There are not many places where they can really set up camp.